Whether you choose a small boutique digital marketing company to handle your integrated marketing campaigns, or a large corporation with hundreds of clients, one of the most important determining factors comes down to trust. The business world is competitive, and with so many companies that both spring up and flop each year, it’s important to choose a reliable digital marketing company that you can count on in a pinch. At Savy, we pride ourselves on being a digital marketing company you can trust. When you place your trust in us, it allows us to do what we do best – your integrated marketing campaigns.

Don’t Fear the Unknown

Some people are afraid of the dark, others of diving in deep oceans and there are those afraid of new foods. All of these come down to one thing – fear of the unknown. Fear can be paralyzing and often keep you from living life and truly succeeding. Many of the activities commonly feared can be overcome with trust. Trusting your scuba diving instructor when leaping into the Atlantic. Trusting that even though that calamari may look gross, it’s most likely not going to hurt you (and if it’s gross, of course you can always spit it out).

As with any new venture, establishing trust in the beginning will help you be successful and overcome your fears. Don’t be afraid of hiring a digital marketing company. When you succeed, we succeed.

Trust a Digital Marketing Company

How can you determine whether a digital marketing company is worthy of your trust? Sure, doing a Google search, reading reviews and looking at a company’s work can yield great results. However, when it comes to someone posting on behalf of your business on Facebook or Instagram and having access to your website and all of your logins, a relationship built on trust is key.

Choosing a Trustworthy Digital Marketing Company

  • Once you find a digital marketing company you’re interested in, meet with their team in person if possible.
  • Look at their portfolio of work. Browse the websites and social networks of some of their current clients.
  • Reach out to some of their current clients for referrals and find out what their professional relationship is like.


Once you’ve met with a digital marketing company and signed a proposal, realize that trust goes both ways. Your digital marketing company needs to trust that you’re being honest about your brand so when they start researching they don’t find any skeletons in your closet – talk about scary! The best business partnerships are built on mutual trust and transparency.

Privacy and Trust

As an experienced digital marketing company, we’ve come across a variety of different types of clients and concerns. One that comes up every once in awhile is clients that are fearful of giving us their passwords and credentials for their websites and social networks. Here are a few important factors to consider when working with a digital marketing company:

  • As a company in the business of managing social media campaigns, we have no intention of invading your privacy. We want to see your company thrive online, so we’re not going to do anything to jeopardize that, or our working relationship.
  • Some clients are hesitant to give full access to Google products like Google+, YouTube and Google Analytics, because all of Google’s products are connected. Fear not. We have strict privacy protocols for email and other personal information; plus, keeping up on our own emails is time consuming enough.
  • By looking at the social media accounts and websites of a company’s other clients, you can get an idea of what to expect when they take over for you. You’ll be treated equally, meaning you can expect professionalism at every interaction and on every post.

Still having a hard time deciding if the digital marketing company you’re pursuing is trustworthy?

Google them! Choosing a digital marketing company you can trust is a little like pre-screening a Match.com date. How often do you go on a date with someone you haven’t at least done a quick search on? Or hired someone who you, or your employer, haven’t searched for on Facebook? It’s pretty unheard of these days. So why would you hire an agency and trust them with your company’s marketing strategy without getting the digital lowdown on them?

Remember, trust goes both ways. A digital marketing company is going to do their research too, and needs to be able to trust that they can stand behind your brand. Keep in mind, great companies will typically be professional with any access you give them.
Looking for a digital marketing company you can trust? Contact Savy for more information about our professional integrated marketing services. We’re an open book, and we’ll tell your story well®.