Last week, Christina and I sat down with Joseph Ditzler. Joe is a business writer for The Bulletin in Bend, Oregon. He was interested to hear about how at Savy Agency we use social media within the digital marketing strategies we develop for our clients. One of our biggest success stories has been the branding for manufacturing company, BTL Liners. BTL is a a Prineville-based geomembrane containment liner fabricator.

The story graced the cover of the Sunday Business section of The Bulletin. It included interviews with Christina and myself, Michael Baron, President of BTL Liners, as well as two educators and other digital marketing professionals. We were excited to talk about social media and the benefits of developing great content for the web.

Geeking Out On Social Media

Hours before speaking to Ditzler, Christina and I were on a conference call with another one of our clients, a realtor in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We were explaining to him the importance of social media, how to promote posts on Facebook, what makes for quality content and what hashtags are and how to use them. He later thanked us and I replied, saying thanks for letting us geek out about social media. He found it humorous that I used ‘geek’ as a verb, but it’s true. Some people geek out about Star Wars or fly fishing or ice hockey. At Savy Agency, we geek out about social media and new developments in digital marketing.

It’s our passion for creating brands that people love that drives us. Talking to The Bulletin about creating content that encourages engagement online put smiles on our faces. At Savy Agency, we firmly believe that content is king and engagement is the next best practice in SEO.

Savy Agency Driving Results

Savy Agency grew up online and believes in the power of digital marketing. We’re ecstatic to see the results BTL Liners has found with our rebranding and marketing positioning strategy. With nearly the whole country on Facebook, it lends itself perfectly for sharing content and discovering how different brands can meet your specific needs.

When we took over blogging and social media for BTL, their posts on social media only saw a couple likes, no shares, no comments – basically no engagement. Now, each post receives between 400 and 500 likes, between 15 and 30 shares, various comments and sales inquires and dozens of click-throughs to their website. BTL’s blogs are being found online. And because the topics are relevant to their industry and how they can help meet various needs, the right customers are placing orders. It’s one thing to be found online. It’s another for the right customers to find you and follow through with orders.

We’re excited and grateful for the coverage in Sunday’s Bulletin article, Content is King in the World of Social Media. We’ve developed a solid partnership with BTL and love seeing them grow and succeed.

If you’re interested to see how social media and content creation can help your business, contact us! We love geeking out on social media, blogging, design and everything digital marketing.