Ethics in business in this day and age can mean the difference between success and failure. Consumers are looking to businesses for more transparency and will respond to those that reflect their own values. Companies need to be conscious of the messages they are promoting, and their websites must reflect their ethics, now more than ever. The consumer has woken up to the ways of click-bait and misrepresentation and will see through a sales pitch. Ethical marketing is a complicated thing. It’s not necessarily a strategy as much as an attitude. Ethics are further complicated in the sense that they are subjective; a company deciding what’s wrong and right may not resonate with every customer, which is why it’s important to market to the consumer you want as your base.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to honesty. Companies must avoid overselling the product or manipulating the consumer by exaggerating the benefits. Stereotypes, overstatements, and hyperboles may close sales in the beginning, but they won’t build a customer base. The way a company treats their employees is a form of company ethics; how a product is produced is a form of market ethics; the way a company gives back to either their community or issue they’re vested in is another ethical marketing strategy.

Examples of Conscientious Companies

There are some clear heroes in the world of ethical marketing. These companies have always been transparent with their product, treated their employees fairly, and have stuck with their morals from day one. Because of these high standards, they have seen success. Plus, they have beautiful websites that represent all aspects of their organization. Some large companies that come to mind include Patagonia, Toms, Everlane, Mrs. Meyers, and Warby Parker. These companies all sell something different, but what they have in common is philanthropic messaging, and devoted customers.

The Importance of Web Design

Intuitive web design will promote your message in a clear and honest way; it’s the most important starting point for a successful brand in the modern age. A beautifully designed website, one that has a clear message, to-the-point copy, and on-brand photography, will help the consumer trust the business more. A brand’s website is often the first thing a consumer sees that introduces the product, message, and morals. It must make a good impression, be user-friendly, and entice a return visit. Quality web design means the difference between a user staying and “listening” to what the brand has to say and bouncing right back to the web for something better.

Web Design in Bend OR

Is your business proud of their product? Are your employees treated well? Do you think you have your ethical marketing down as CEO? If you are hesitating with the last question, we can help. Here at Savy, we know the market; we know how to communicate with consumers; we know how to create a website that reflects what you stand for. Let’s just say we know how to design a website that will represent you and your company’s assets and values. Here are a few examples of how we’ve represented clients in the market with quality web design.

Central Oregon Radiology Associates (CORA)

CORA came to Savy to help tell their story. They offer a necessary service: radiology. They do a lot for the Central Oregon community, sponsoring local charities and events. Their mission is to keep their neighbors and their neighbor’s neighbors healthy. CORA just needed help with how clients found them online, trusted their services, and came back to them for their radiology and screening needs. We created a beautiful website so CORA could better communicate with their client base. Through their site, the company can be transparent with the services they offer, help educate patients with a regularly updated blog, and connect with their community through social media.

Bend Plating

Bend Plating offers a service that is hard to convey to consumers. That is why it was imperative that their web design was easy to navigate and educational. Photography was key in building the online presence for Bend Plating. We built a website that the company can be proud to show their clients, and one that users will stay on when they land on a page that answers their questions.

Villano MD

Plastic surgery isn’t something a consumer jumps into without research. Dr. Michael Villano is a trusted cosmetic surgeon in Bend, Oregon and throughout the region, but his website didn’t say that. We helped him bridge the communication gap between someone looking for his services and his expertise with our digital marketing company.

Savy Agency | Web Design | Bend, OR

We here at Savy Agency know how to translate a business’s ethics through their website and across their brands. We help companies be more transparent in the market through social media and educate their client base with relevant and updated brand assets. In the 21st century, digital presence is everything. And to tell your story honestly is the most critical thing brands can do to be successful.

How do you stay ethical in your business? Tell us in the comments below.