Building tradition.

One foundation at a time.

The first thing many homeowners notice about a Franklin Brothers is that they are just… built… different, starting from its unique brand.

Logo design.

Visual identity design gave form to Franklin Brothers’ recognizable logo. The result: the key icon is used ​to break the boundaries of the traditional four corners meets roof logo​, and is used throughout customer interaction.

Digital marketing.

Blogging and Press Releases


We ​created a campaign that blended the brand with ongoing blogging and press release management. We sought to bring the spirit of community into the neighborhoods Franklin Brothers were building, communicated through an innovative digital and social experience.


Custom Website Design


Savy integrated Franklin Brothers into a user-friendly WordPress CMS resulting in a powerful, responsive website that provides simplicity for their customer while providing Franklin Brothers the tools they need to be an award winning Bend Oregon home builder.

Brand collateral.

Franklin Brothers is an award winning Bend Oregon home builder. They believe in building community and meeting the needs of their homebuyers. They also ​believe in quality of construction and fanatical attention to detail. So naturally, we needed to design Franklin Brothers a brand that set them apart.



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