We’re not going to lie to you. AI is getting scary, as in scary good at impersonating human behavior. Pioneering machines to be human-like is a Herculean feat that the world’s top minds are still perfecting. And we’ll leave it up to them to decide whether to embrace AI with open arms or build underground bunkers to ward off its arrival. But all jokes aside, data-related concerns and job market anxieties regarding hyper-efficient technologies are of real concern. How much should we invest in AI, and how soon? If you want to explore this question from a brand marketing agency perspective, then do come along. 

AI—Just Another Brand Marketing Agency Tool, or the One Ring to Rule Them All? 

We like to think of AI as a slow burn. It’s been around for a while in content editing tools, in technologies like Zapier, Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and ChatGPT. Pattern recognition is a big part of this burgeoning technology, and it relies on algorithms programmed into its software to recognize inconsistencies. And those inconsistencies are coded to us as good writing for bad writing.

Adept at Catching Mistakes

As a brand marketing agency, we can use AI to catch our mistakes. Like a car’s backup camera that starts beeping when you get too close to an object, it can be annoying and sometimes hypervigilant, but AI is helping us avoid the pitfalls of our trade. That’s why, at Savy, we’ve chosen to enfold it into our wider marketing strategy for clients.

Understanding Audience Engagement

The truth is we rely on AI for our client’s successes. We use scheduling technologies to predict posting times for when our clients’ audiences are the most engaged on social media. And that is a good thing. 

Master of Keyword Clustering

Keyword research is yet another example of how AI works for our brand marketing agency. Keywords are the trusty engine of organic growth and any content-based marketing strategy. However, sorting through them can take hours and is tedious and time-consuming. A human-centric digital marketing agency cannot refine bulk data with the speed and precision that AI can. That’s why, for example, AI, like ChatGPT, is brilliant at parsing keywords into subtopics that are great for writing inspiring website content, outlining keyword strategies, and ideating topics for blog writing. 

You Don’t Need to Embrace Avant-Garde Technologies to Appreciate AI

What you’ll typically find when you do a Google search of AI technologies is the most in-breaking, bleeding-edge technologies and what they can do for your brand. But the truth is, not all industries are ready or able to kick the tires, so to speak, on these kinds of technologies, especially those with heavy compliance or data-related concerns. 

And that’s perfectly fine! There are contextual factors that make some industries better suited for AI than others. That’s why when we select AI technology, we only choose those that are heavily market-tested. Many software technologies are weaving A.I.-like elements into their software, like auto-writing captions, auto-selecting high-engagement post times, or suggesting improvements to landing pages or SEO on the backend of websites. 

It’s in these small but meaningful ways that AI amplifies the success of a brand marketing agency. Small wins, incremental productivity gains, and more intelligent improvements significantly impact our brands’ overall wins. If AI amplifies connection with audiences, streamlines our daily workflow, and makes strategies slightly punchier, we use it.

If AI conveys inaccurate information, asks for integrations our clients aren’t prepared for, or requires risks greater than our clients’ appetite, we say politely, no thanks. The beauty of AI is that it’s still human-directed. It doesn’t have to come in and take over everything, like the wild wild west. Marketers are still empowered to opt into or out of many of its elements even while using it.

Anticipating AI’s Shortfalls Removes Its World-Domination Stigma

Despite what you may have heard, AI cannot truly make human-centric decisions based on emotions, perceived needs or wants, or unexpected and emerging information. It might get there someday, but it has yet to. So, while there’s plenty of sounding-the-alarm material about AI, the less glamorous fact is that it cannot outsource human creativity or intuition. And here’s why we think it never will. 

Creative innovation is not scientific. While we can A/B test our way to the moon, the world is rife with examples of products and ideas that never should have worked or were even born of mistakes. This is true of the invention of Post-It notes, Penicillin, and even inventions as brilliant as the pacemaker. 

There’s an element of spontaneity to humans that a digital tool primed to mimic human behavior cannot replicate. And while AI attempts to mimic the human brain, it still lacks a gut, which is that sense of intuition about why one decision is better than another. This is what good marketers have in spades. 

There’s No Algorithm for Creativity: That’s a Human Thing

When we think of the overwhelming data that AI draws upon, it’s the invention and reflection of humanity from which it’s sourced. This indicates that despite its lightning-fast synthesis or generation of data, it serves as a conduit of humanity, not as a replacement for it. 

Marketers will tell you that the unanticipated thing often happens in our industry. Brand competitors arise out of left field, the market introduces challenges overnight, and brands must be poised to turn on a dime with certain strategies. This requires the support and flexibility of a human brand marketing agency, not a tool that will keep marching forward into the future without recognizing the need to pivot for these fluctuations. 

Start Your AI Brand Marketing Agency Engines With Savy

Marketers can call the shots for their brands in a way that surpasses rules and algorithms. But when you can’t beat them, we say join them. So, if you want a marketing partner with hard-won experience and knowledge of the industry who is also embracing the efficiencies of AI, get the best of what a brand marketing agency offers at Savy. Start it up here

*Disclaimer. This blog was edited by AI 🤖