Marketing analytics can feel like an abstract data storm. But, if you look closely enough, that data tells a story that brands can utilize for success. Understanding which metrics are important and how to use them to your advantage is a powerful tool for your business. At Savy, we regularly use analytics to help our clients achieve their goals. Take a look at what we’ve learned along the way.

Set the Scene With Marketing Analytics

Any story worth its salt establishes a rich and vivid atmosphere so the reader can understand the characters’ circumstances. Marketing analytics essentially does the same thing by showing you where your business and your customers are in the landscape of your industry. 

Once you have a solid grasp of the environment, you can hone in on narrative details like:

Your Audience: Great novels have compelling protagonists that the reader knows intimately. The same is true of a brand’s audience. Market analytics can give you a snapshot of your consumer, their demographics, online activity, and values. In other words, vital data that can be used to inform your marketing strategy and ad campaigns.

Your Competitors: Epic tales usually have a classic antagonist who creates obstacles for their protagonist. As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War: “Know thy enemy. While labeling market competitors as “enemies” is a big stretch, this famous statement still applies. Robust analysis can illustrate what motivates the competition’s current marketing strategy, market share, keywords, conversion rate, and social engagement. All of these can be used to identify gaps in their application and how to differentiate your brand in the market.

Your Stakes: The plot thickens when there is something valuable at stake. What is the Harry Potter Series without the fate of the wizarding world hanging in the balance? For brands, the stakes are primarily monetary. Without analytics on ROI, CPC, and CPA (to name a few), it’s difficult to make the most of your marketing budget. Data is key to getting the best return on your ad campaign. 

You’ve met the characters. You’re aware of the stakes. Now, you’re part of the story.

Metrics That Matter

Rather than prioritizing certain metrics, taking a holistic approach is important. Monitoring those user journeys and conversions we just mentioned will be a constant. As your marketing analytics populate, you’ll have more information to work with to make your digital ads and website more agile and impactful. But there are a few other metrics you don’t want to overlook:

Organic Traffic: This metric is highly valuable because it gives you an idea of your website quality, brand visibility, and how your SEM strategy performs. It also gives you a raw audience rather than a paid audience. Why does that matter? By seeing who naturally finds their way to your business, you can get more focused on how you deliver content, keywords, ads, and user experience.

Social Engagement: Analyzing engagement metrics on your social media platforms often falls by the wayside, but you don’t want to sleep on this data! If your engagement rate is low, you may want to reconsider your social strategy or which channels are relevant to your brand. It’s helpful to think of social media as an extension of your brand’s voice—this is where you can show more personality. A common mistake is to treat these channels like a streaming sales pitch, which is not very compelling.

Instead, you may want to test out different types of posts and tones based on what you know about your audience, like Wendy’s, who ditched their conservative captions and leaned into witty humor and playful competitor roasts on Twitter. This platform thrives on quick, clever punchlines, so it was a massive success. But, if your brand is more traditional, LinkedIn or Facebook could be more in your lane. 

User Behavior: Tracking how users interact with your website can help you find optimization opportunities at every sales touchpoint. Investigate their session duration, page views, bounce rates, funnel analysis, and events. How visitor engages with your website can help you make the user experience more intuitive, increase conversion rates, and improve ad targeting.

How an Agency Can Support Your Marketing Goals

Market research, competitor analysis, and audience insights are just a few things a digital marketing agency can do to develop your brand voice. Having data-backed branding and a market-ready website gives your business an edge. It allows you to hit the ground running when you launch a marketing or ad campaign because Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) algorithm favors quality websites with relevant, keyword-rich content, smooth UX, quick loading speed, and other benchmarks.

Great rankings take time and require a comprehensive strategy. For example, at Savy, we build effective integrated marketing campaigns in the following ways:

PPC Campaigns: As a certified Google Ad Partner with twelve years of pay-per-click experience, we manage our client’s PPC campaigns with vigorous SEM methods to help your PPC ads and organic traffic thrive. Our PPC team creates massive ROI for our clients on the Google Ad network and across searches to increase your presence and revenue.

Content Creation & Management: Dynamic and keyword-optimized content drives traffic, inbound leads, and search ranking. Our content writers, graphic designers, and web developers have the management expertise to ensure your content counts. They work in tandem to tell your brand story visually and verbally with a responsive delivery system that is primed for your audience. 

In terms of keywords, creative content, and PPC campaigns work synergistically to support each other’s success. Since keywords change frequently, we revisit our client’s strategy every quarter to ensure their metrics continue improving.

Write Your Story With Savy’s Expert Marketing Analytics Team

Metrics tell a nuanced story that can be difficult to interpret. It’s crucial to have an experienced marketing agency like Savy to extract the data’s narrative and use it to inform your marketing strategy. Ready to write your brand’s story? Contact Savy to make sure it’s a bestseller!