How to be successful online? Many of us feel that so much is required. Like there’s a vault of hidden information that’s so elusive or complicated that we’ll never get our hands on it. Actually, it’s not.

Success online doesn’t require the world’s best designer or web developer to build an award-winning website. It doesn’t require the most robust online marketing strategy, budget or sales force to peddle your stuff.

Being successful online comes down to first, building a successful brand. Next, getting found and making a connection. And that takes copy. I’m not referring to the copy you’ve pulled from your dusty business plan or from a textbook that lacks anything engaging. I’m referring to copy that’s written in the right way for your product or service.

If you open your computer or turn on your phone, you’ll notice that content is everywhere. And looking deeper you might notice that the style of content has changed. It’s more engaging. More persuasive. Written more for, well, you – since you’ve found it.

So content, or copy, is important, but how will it make you successful online?

Well, because it takes many forms, like marketing copy, sales copy, social media copy, blog copy, or SEO copy – which is really just good copy – however, it shares a common thread: it’s effective and persuasive. Here are a few ways to refine your copy skills – or to help you know what to look for if you hire someone to help:

1. What do you want to accomplish?

If you’re doing anything online besides browsing Facebook, you have something to accomplish. What are you looking to accomplish and why? This will help you figure out the next point.

2. What’s the big idea?

Your title or headline will be seen first, by visitors and search engines. So your title should be engaging to people and those who will find your copy, including Google. You can see this as the “hook”, but be careful, people aren’t fish and probably won’t like feeling “hooked”, so try and see this as the “connection”. People are also busy. So ensure you focus on one thing or idea and get to the point or benefit.

3. Make it easy to read.

People don’t want to make an effort or read an essay online. They want it to flow, engage, and to be interesting enough to grab their attention. Try writing with short sentences that are easier to digest. Your old English teacher might not approve, but they’re probably not too successful online these days with that style anyways. Start a sentence with And. If that works, try another with But. You’ll have more fun with it, and your readers will too. This will help you create style. Make a point. And draw your reader in to each. Individual. Word.
What do you think? How will good copy help you be successful online?

So have fun out there, and let us know if you need help.
Christina Brown, Creative Director, The Savy Agency