The beauty of online marketing and advertising is that you can make adjustments to your mix or your message in real time.

Keep in mind these 6 building blocks when developing your online marketing planning and strategy, and if your message isn’t sticking, make changes quickly.

1. Define Your Target Market:

If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, there’s no way to figure out how to reach them.

2. Identify the Characteristics of Your Target Market:

What do they want out of life and how does your offering fits into their plans?

3. Identify Your Value Proposition:

What does your business do best and why should your customers choose you over your competitors?

4. Create Your Key Message:

Your key message is the way in which you express and communicate your value proposition.

5. Analyze Your Competition:

Who are your competing against? How and where do they advertise? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

6. Research Your Online Marketing:

The better you understand your online customer’s behavior, the more effective you are at your online marketing.

Answering the above six questions should allow you to position your brand where your qualified customers are, and establish realistic and maintainable online marketing and advertising goals.

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