Good content is always in demand. In fact, the creation of content is moving at a record-breaking pace, and markets are consuming the media faster than ever. It has been estimated that content marketing worldwide will increase by 16% annually through 2021. With the increasing demand, content studios are popping up alongside the marketing agency to help brands deliver.

What is a content studio?

This year, brands from Mastercard to L’Oreal are creating in-house content studios. And their role is to provide brands the ability to create, edit, and post-produce content with the speed and agility the fastest-moving markets need, aimed at churning out relevant, dynamic content faster.
A marketing agency can provide brands with both traditional and digital marketing strategies that rely on quality content for execution. Without the right content, however, even the best campaigns have the odds stacked the wrong way. Every brand requires:

  • Native content
  • Social content
  • Offline content
  • PR content
  • Content for video and audio promotions
  • Brand journalism content

Creating a stream of ongoing, high-quality content can be tough unless a marketing agency employs an in-house content team to manage the content needs for the brands they manage.

Quality trumps quantity

Content studios can meet the bulk content requirements of brands. However, poor quality, bulk content will do more harm than good for marketing campaigns. Ideally, a dedicated content team, whether it’s a studio or in-house content team managed by a marketing agency, will meet the mark in terms of quantity and quality.

The content you want is:

  • Fresh and speaks for the brand
  • Great at storytelling
  • Able to provide solutions alongside products
  • Capable of supporting marketing goals
  • Well-researched, presented, and distributed
  • Highly audience-oriented

But, it doesn’t stop there. A good piece of content should follow the right format or design. For example, marketers can present raw data and statistics as a visually appealing infographic. These can then be used in emails, drip campaigns, promoted across social media, and across paid search.

A marketing agency or a content studio?

While content studios are becoming an asset in the world of content marketing, providing dedicated content teams to brands, if they’re not in-house, they can become another layer outside of the marketing agency that risks fragmenting the brand. So with a content studio and a marketing agency in your ring, you’d have two groups to manage with both shooting the same target. Further, if your brand hires a content studio alone, they may lack the brand strategy and design side, leaving the content connecting with the wrong markets or even leaving the visual messages falling flat on the right ones.

Savy Agency’s full-service marketing agency provides a full content team in-house who works alongside our brand strategists and designers to ensure the story stays consistent, is on brand, and reaching the evolving goals and objectives of brands.

So, do you think brands should become dependent outside of their marketing agencies on content studios for all kinds of content requirements?