Imagine you’re a bird (bear with us). You’re flying along doing your migrational bird thing when, all of a sudden, you see a plane. You marvel at its shiny silver coat and its long, straight wings. Before you know it, it’s zoomed out of view. 

So, you stretch your wings longer trying to straighten them like the plane’s and you stick your beak out further to mimic its sleek aerodynamics. But, no matter how hard you try, you’re not a plane. 

Now imagine the bird in question is your brand on its own. You have the right foundation and you’re getting by just fine, but other brands are zooming ahead of you. 

Online marketing companies give your brand the gas they need to get ahead. And we’re exploring why they just make sense in a digital-forward world. 


Online marketing companies are popular for a reason

We admire the moxie of brands—especially the start-ups full of promise and small teams that run on too little sleep and too much caffeine. And while it’s true that brands don’t need a marketing company to succeed, it’s equally true that it’s much more challenging. 

Online marketing companies can navigate the varying depths of the Internet—and constantly emerging audiences. Because these agencies are digital natives, they have the tools and experience to optimize your marketing for results.

You know we like to take it back to the stats for context. According to a recent Statista report, the “average American has access to more than ten connected devices in their household.” And with all these devices, online shopping is more accessible, more convenient, and leading to the projected $4.9 trillion in global e-commerce sales this year. Essentially there are a lot of opportunities in the digital world for brands, but they take strategy and experience to navigate correctly. 


Digital vs. traditional: the battle between new and old school

There’s a lot to be said for traditional marketing. In fact, many of us probably have print campaigns, radio ads, and tv spots burned into our memories from childhood and early adulthood. (We’re partial to the “Got Milk” campaign circa 1993). And even though tv spots might feel a bit archaic now, when they were first replacing print and radio, they were the definition of new school. 


Let’s break it down by marketing type.


  • Outdoor (billboards, bus wraps, etc.) 
  • Broadcasting (TV, radio, etc.)
  • Print (magazines, newspapers, etc.)
  • Direct Mail (catalogs, mailers, etc.)
  • Telemarketing (phone, text message)
  • Window display and signs


  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Website
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PPC (pay per click
  • SEM (Search engine marketing


Today, it’s all about online marketing. This is not to say that traditional media is dead. Eighty percent of consumers act on printed mail ads, and seventy-seven percent believe print drives higher recall. Print has its place. 

But, for your brand to compete in a digital-forward world, your online marketing presence needs to be buttoned up. Arguably, a well-rounded marketing campaign integrates some traditional channels as well. But for the sake of this blog, let’s focus on the benefits of online marketing, broken down by three key differentiators: 


It’s measurable: Digital ads are more specific. Instead of seeing the number of magazines purchased and assuming those buyers read every page and saw your ad, now you can view the number of impressions, the reach, cost per click, and overall impact of a digital ad. 

It’s engaging: Online marketing companies are in the entertainment business. Their job is to understand your brand’s goals and audience and create digital ads that spark interest on the Internet’s vast landscape. 

It’s precise: A radio ad targets drivers in a specific area. A podcast ad targets people who like murder mysteries or baking. Online marketing blows traditional audience targeting out of the water. 


The main advantages of hiring a digital-forward agency 

DIY is cool for your IKEA dresser, not so much for your marketing. Hiring online marketing companies gives your brand an advantage over your competitors and allows you to focus on your products or services. 

Here are the top advantages of hiring online marketers: 


It’s their job to keep up with tools and trends 

You’re an expert in your product: the latest tech gadget that’s taking the world by storm or an authentic gelato chain. Likewise, online marketing companies are experts in the tools needed to execute a digital marketing campaign. 

They study (and eat, breathe, sleep) things like SEO, automation, web development tools, and content research tools. Plus, they stay ahead of emerging channels (like TikTok) and trends (like AI-optimization) that can differentiate your brand. 


They customize marketing decisions to your brand 

The first thing an online marketing company should do is get to know you and your brand. They then use this information—your story, goals, differentiators, etc.—to craft a digital marketing strategy that’s highly customized. And, with so many online channels and tools to try, they narrow down what’s best for your brand specifically. 


They help your brand grow (and get noticed) 

When a marketing company is on your side, you can focus on your influx of orders, not your brand analytics. A marketing company will provide you with monthly reports to track brand growth and market with the tools and expertise to broaden your brand reach. 


It keeps costs low and conversions high 

Lastly, online marketing agencies are your one-stop shop, which saves you money in the long run. They wear the hats of content creators, web developers, marketing managers, and they have connections and tools that would otherwise cost your brand hundreds of dollars. 

Oh, and did we mention working with these experts means you’re hitting objectives and converting with the right audience? 


The bottom line: online marketing companies get your brand ahead

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a brand that’s taken off because online marketing companies understood the assignment. There’s no denying that digital is the future, so why not take advantage of it? Agencies like Savy can help you fly.