Let’s be real: there are hundreds of thousands of brands. Why should a customer choose yours? Because you offer something unique? Or because you’re mission-minded and changing the world? Or, maybe, because your product or service helps people live better lives? We see creative concepts every day, but the trick is breaking through the collective noise and getting people to notice, remember, and become loyal to your brand. A digital marketing agency helps your brand do just that. 


What to look for in a digital marketing agency 

The world is fast-paced, so let’s get right to it. When you’re considering a digital marketing agency to up your brand game, you need to look for a few things. 



Spend a little time getting to know your prospective agency and viewing their scope of work. Which clients have they worked with and, maybe more importantly, which industries are they well-versed in? Do they have a ‘sweet spot’? Look for an agency with experience in your industry and one that can seamlessly brand between one genre and the next. If you have a niche brand, it helps to find a digital marketing agency with a good track record for similar brands. And “ask them if they have had success on a conversion goal that’s similar to yours.”


Depth and breadth 

It’s one thing to have the experience that aligns with your brand goals but look for an agency with depth and breadth. In other words, does the agency have quality as well as quantity? Are their “Projects” or “Work” or “Case Studies” pages full of dynamic work that speaks to research, understanding, and skill? You want to choose an agency that communicates their time and effort through each project spotlight. If you don’t see this attention in the case studies and examples, you probably won’t in the work itself either. 



The people you work with will be directly influencing consumer’s perceptions of and interaction with your brand. So, doesn’t it make sense to connect with them? Find an agency that you jive with and can feel yourself working with for the long haul. Ask questions about how their process works, what types of communication tools they use (Slack, Monday, Basecamp), and what will be expected of you throughout the process. A good digital marketing agency should have you feeling both taken care of and involved. 


Digital Agility

Marketing used to be pretty basic––an ad in a magazine or newspaper, a commercial, and maybe even a billboard. In the digital age, marketing agencies have had to keep on their toes with constantly changing formats. When looking for an agency, find one that offers complete digital services and shows case studies with a wide range––including social media marketing, progressive web apps, and creative web development


Benefits of working with the best digital marketing agencies

We could wax poetic for hours about the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency. Instead, we’ll give our top four favorites: 


Help you grow 

When you don’t have to wear the marketing and analytics hat for your business anymore, you can focus on growth in other areas. Working with an agency frees up valuable time to work on your business plan instead of finding the perfect GIF for social. Plus, agencies like Savy provide monthly analytics and reporting so you can track your brand’s growth. 


Offer third-party perspective 

Working with an in-house team means they know your brand, but it also doesn’t leave room for an outsider’s perspective. A digital marketing agency works “with a wide variety of industries, business types, and marketing professionals.” They can apply this experience and perspective to your campaigns, content, and community. Your brand can also benefit from the agency’s partnerships––like Savy being an accredited Google Partner


Broaden brand reach and skills

An agency comes with the bells and whistles you need to market your brand to the right audience. With expertise in SEO, web and app development, content creation, email marketing, and analytics, your brand reach broadens. 


Expand your team 

The biggest benefit: you don’t have to go it alone. A digital marketing agency serves as a natural, hyper-focused extension of your brand and helps you amplify your voice where it matters most. 


What can you do with one of the best digital marketing agencies in your back pocket? 

The possibilities are endless when you partner with a digital marketing agency. They help your brand stay in touch, grow, and broaden your reach and skills. Plus, they help you navigate the trends that might make your brand the next big thing.