Say goodbye to the era of passive content consumption. As we step into marketing trends in 2024, the landscape is anticipating transformation. As a forward-thinking boutique agency, Savy helps our clients navigate and apply these trends. From interactive content and personalization, here are our front runners as we approach the New Year.

First-Party Data is Here to Stay: Say Goodbye to the Cookie 🍪

First-party data makes its way to the front in 2024, as cookie-based ad strategies have fallen by the wayside. Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have all limited third-party cookies. While many marketers will lament this change, there are some upsides. For businesses and marketers who have invested in their email list subscriptions and other means of collecting first-party data from loyal audiences, these investments will shine especially bright in 2024.

Since there’s no free data on offer, those you’ve earned the right to communicate with and market to grow in relevance and engagement through the power of our second trend: personalization.

Marketing Trends 2024: Hyperpersonalization Has Entered the Chat 

Personalized marketing means much more than just using the first name of your email subscribers. As consumers become more discerning, brands must deliver tailored experiences through personalization. Audience segmentation remains a staple of good marketing, but now it will look like interactive experiences. From online quizzes to how-to product videos, brands must create content that educates and solves problems for specific subsets of their user base. Quizzes to find the perfect product match for their needs and other short, personalization touches are examples of how to serve people through personalized marketing. 

Metaverse Challengers Enter the Space for Ads

Meta and Google have played King of the Hill for a while regarding ads, but 2024 has other challengers entering the space to offer ads to consumers as a self-service model. While many will not want this marketing style (ads are a lot to manage for owners already wearing many hats), the democratization of advertising means local businesses can get in the ad game on variable budgets. In 2024, expect to see new challengers entering the ad space, including Disney, Hulu, TikTok, and Microsoft. 

Animation: An Asset to User Engagement

Design influences your website conversion rates, and it provides a life-like and, dare we say, fun experience while interacting with your brand. That’s why design features like animation are taking front and center in website trends for 2024. Take the gourmet mac-and-cheese brand Goodles as a prime example. 

Instead of spinning circles, you’ll find pasta noodles on rotation and savory animations of cheese dripping off bright seventies-colored retro pasta boxes. Animation is an asset to user engagement because it satisfies the eye and the imagination. This is partly why video also remains popular among audiences seeking brand interactions.

Savy is Queued Up On Marketing Trends for 2024

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