Standing out from the crowd is important. A well-crafted brand identity (like those our graphic designer in Bend, Oregon, creates) can make all the difference in capturing the attention of your target audience and leaving a lasting impression. Now, when it comes to logos, it’s essential to start with this important question: what should the logo communicate?

In the case of one FedEx, some crafty whitespace helps communicate how this brand moves things from one place to another through the strategic placement of an arrow between the ‘e’ and the ‘x’. Have you ever noticed it? That’s what we call brilliant marketing, because it accomplishes the main goal: it shows what the brand does instead of telling it. 

The Possibilities of an Impactful Logo 

As we’ve mentioned, a great logo is about more than visual aesthetics. It tells a story about your brand. Who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to go. There are so many possibilities to explore with logo design. You can do an icon (image-based) logo or a wordmark logo (where the brand’s name is the logo itself). You can use symbols within your logo to represent brand identity or values or keep it simple and minimalist. 

Logo creation is exciting because you get to work with a graphic designer dedicated to exploring all angles of your creative vision. Try on different colors, backgrounds, and negative space, and see what you like best.

Make Your Trademark

One of the most important aspects of creating a brand logo is having a team triple-check that your brand name and design can be trademarked for  business. Not doing the research ahead of time is an easy mistake to make but a costly one.

Paying for logo and branding before seeing if your idea is already taken can cost brands big time in legal fees to ward off trademark infringement, lost time, and effort trying to create something already claimed by another brand. Companies invest a lot into logo and brand concepts, and some have whole divisions committed to protecting trademark assets should other brands infringe on them, knowingly or unknowingly. 

In life, imitation is a form of flattery. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case for trademarking brands. This is why it’s essential to hire a branding agency to help you do some due diligence research on your logo and concept before proceeding with your idea.

Explore Versatile Applications for Signage and Apparel 

Logo design impacts not just your website but can open the door to some fun applications, including print collateral. You can use an updated logo to refresh your brand’s image for t-shirts, brand swag, product branding, print collateral, vehicle branding and signage, and more. In today’s visual environment that emphasizes video and imagery, it does matter what your logo and brand look like. 

Need a Logo Refresh?

Whether or not you realize it, new customers are always assessing the trustworthiness of your brand via implicit signals: Does your brand have an updated look and feel? Check out this logo refresh we did for Tallen, a technology rentals company based in New Jersey. 

When Tallen came to us, they were the first to admit their logo needed some work. More importantly, it was difficult to use in different digital applications because of its color and dimensions. Finally, dropping “Technology Rentals” from the name also necessitated a fresh logo. Our design team built logo concepts around the Tallen “T,” which had potential to become iconic for the brand. Tallen’s new logo and icon are clean, modern, and impactful, just like the brand. 

What About Social Media? 

Win the business your expertise deserves with a brand new look and feel to your social media that communicates, “we’re the professionals in this corner of the market.” Check out this social media strategy and management we did for Leading Edge Flight Academy, a Bend-based flight school for professional pilots. 

graphic designer bend oregonThough they regularly posted on social media, LEFA saw relatively little traction with their account growth or post engagement. Leading up to the website launch, LEFA onboarded our team to take over the ideation, creation, and management of paid and organic social postings. Savy’s team got to work defining relevant content pillars, including FAQs, info relevant to specific segments of the student population, and BTS/industry updates.

 Since Savy took over production, LEFA’s Instagram has seen a consistent 5.23% growth rate, and Facebook’s total page views increased by more than 23% month-over-month! 

Launching a Brand for the First Time?

And if you’re introducing an entirely new brand name and logo to the world, why not start out on the best foot and make a splash? See this example we did for a Bend mortgage company, Hixon Mortgage

Hixon wanted to showcase their “technology-forward, people first” approach to the mortgage industry. Encompassing the iconic, and desirable Pacific Northwest lifestyle in their logo was also key to appeal to their homebuyer audience. Savy used a subtle mountain icon hidden within their wordmark-style logo as a nod to Hixon’s Bend roots. This wordmark icon combination contrasts perfectly with their clean, monochromatic typography. 

graphic designer bend oregon

Get a Customized Approach to Design With a Graphic Designer From Bend, Oregon

You may have a specific vision for your logo you can’t quite tackle alone with Photoshop. And that’s okay! You won’t get lost in the shuffle with a boutique marketing agency, unlike larger marketing agencies. We take a personalized and tailored approach to every marketing campaign. We invest time in understanding your brand, target audience, and unique selling points. 

By doing so, we create custom graphic designs based on your brand goals. Go funky or risk-taking or keep things classic and simple with your design choices. Our designs are made-to-order and our small team can collaborate with yours to bring your graphic design or logo visions to life! 

Savy Agency Can Help With Your Graphic Design or Branding Needs

Enlist the help of professional graphic designers in Bend, Oregon, with Savy Agency. Get design support for creating a new logo, business branding, naming, copyright research and creative approaches to signage. Contact us to consult with our graphic design experts about your rebrand or company launch. We infuse all our projects with insight, support, and enthusiasm to champion your goals and spread the word about the amazing things you’re doing in your industry!