FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | March 12, 2014. Bend, OR

Bend Oregon-based digital marketing agency, Savy Agency, announces its expansion into Santa Barbara, California.

The current Savy Agency team will continue their operations in the Mill Quarter in Bend. But, the agency will also operate as a Santa Barbara marketing agency as well.

“Over the past 7 years, Savy has built a reputation in digital marketing. Savy has pioneered some of the platforms, such as WordPress web development, that have shaped the industry. Savy’s expansion into Santa Barbara will help deepen our client relationships and expand our offering and marketshare. At this point in our business, we’re able to provide a unique mix of marketing and customer engagement services, such as social media and SEO,” said Savy’s Creative Director, Christina Brown. “We’re really excited to push into some warmer weather year round and to start showcasing Savy’s capabilities as we continue helping businesses brand, grow and thrive.”

Savy Agency specializes in digital marketing. Savy offers a blend of brand identity and brand development for some of the region’s leading brands.

“We recently kicked off a project with a leading residential, commercial and hospitality property management company in Santa Barbara, and we are looking forward to Savy continuing to join the Santa Barbara market. We are very good at what we do. And we pride ourselves on helping our clients tell their stories well,” commented Rob Brown, Savy’s Director.

The expansion marks Savy’s 7th year in operations in Bend, Oregon.

Savy Agency is a digital marketing agency that provides marketing and branding solutions to clients including branding, logo design, web design and SEO. Savy was established in 2007 and their headquarters is located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.


Contact: Christina Brown | 541-728-8272