Yet another of Google’s changes to its ranking algorithm is in full swing. Sites with low-quality content will continue to see rankings drop.

As Google pointed out, the change is not a sum zero one: if some sites drop in the rankings, others will rise. So how to make sure your site delivers organic search traffic:

  • Step up your fresh content: Google in particular tends to take fresh web content, including social media content seriously.
  • Pay attention to your page load times: Google is sensitive to how long it takes for a page to load. Quick page loads are key for good page rank.
  • Stay away from content farms or link bait. Advertisers who utilize content farms should expect to see a degradation in ranking. See the definition of content farms here.
  • Take advantage of online press releases: Press releases are widely distributed and picked up by reputable, high ranking sites. For an example of this, Google “savy agency”.
  • Create content that includes infographics, videos, games, contests, product reviews, breaking news, how to’s, etc. Not only do search engines feed on this type of content, it also provides a better user experience if done correctly.
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