One of the best ways for your business to start the New Year is with an innovative search strategy. One that banks on continuous improvement. No one gets it perfect all the time. And search engine optimization is both art and science of learning, course-correcting and utilizing the ever-changing sea of available data to apply and adjust your SEO strategy in a way that makes your website attractive to not only people but to the search engines as well. So give your business a healthy boost by revisiting and revising your website’s SEO strategies for 2015.

The strongest SEO approach for the New Year is to first understand the entire customer environment. This is so that you can provide customers the experiences that strengthen brands. After all, the brands most loved aren’t always built on big ideas; they’re based on firm ideals.

Technical audit

The foundation of any search engine optimization strategy first requires a technical audit. This audit provides the intricate details of your website. It includes it’s rank, the source of any redirects, existing errors, broken links and any duplicate content or urls. After all, you can’t make a proper go-forward plan without knowing where you’re at currently. Google Webmaster Tools, MOZ Pro – or even some of the free tools – are great, and even Screaming Frog’s reporting is a good place to start.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics should be installed and verified on your website. As with all of Google’s tools, Google Analytics is a user-friendly tool that provides both long-term and real-time user data. The data is broken down by almost any metric you choose, and even includes goal creation and tracking.

The basics

While ALT texts, titles, tags and meta descriptions aren’t everything, and some argue aren’t even much, they do provide value and can’t be ignored. With some of the handy reporting tools we’ve mentioned, you can start exporting lists and get to work on your SEO strategies for 2015. Rumor has it there are search changes in store for 2015.