You wouldn’t hide your product behind eyesore displays and on broken racks, would you? So why would you hide your product or service behind the digital equivalent? Good web design can make or break a brand. And good web designers? Well, they can make or break an agency. Here’s why we think we have the best web designers in Bend, OR.


Why good web designers are necessary for your brand 

Statistics show that 94 percent of first impressions of a website are design-related. Not only that, but 75 percent of consumers will judge a site on the design alone. When you think about it, it makes sense. We eat with our eyes first, and we “judge a book by its cover.” We’re a visual-forward society, so good design matters. Good web design can do the following. 


Create brand trust: Think about the 75 percent of consumers judging your site on its design. Good design creates brand trust and bolsters the legitimacy of your business. Would you buy from a fashion line with no website design sense? Or schedule security services for a site that keeps breaking? 


Drive conversion and sales: Good web design will help you to your end goal, which is to convert. By using white space and other techniques, a designer can “draw attention to special offers, highlight calls to action, and help users identify buttons and clickable elements.”


Improve user experience: Customers will be on and off your website faster than they can pronounce your brand name if the user experience is lacking. Good web designers know how to create responsive, interesting sites with easy navigation and bring users to what they came for right away. 


Keep your brand cohesive: Your website shouldn’t feel like an alien addition to your brand. Designers should make your site feel cohesive and clear from desktop to mobile usage. Much of this means keeping the site simple, with a clean layout, and working toward your brand goals. 


Top elements of a savvy web designer 

Understanding those elements of good design help you to choose the right web designers and communicate your needs. But what elements make a good designer? We think it comes down to these three things: 


Attention to detail: Design is about the details as much as it’s about the big picture. Details like consistent color palettes, font types and sizes, and consistent imagery can distinguish between a cohesive site and a discordant one. Savvy (and Savy) web designers make art out of these details.  


Technical ability: Web designers have to know a wide range of programs, software, and tools. They should also be well versed in the principles of design, typography, composition, and color theory. And know when to break the rules when it makes sense.


Creativity: Web designers (especially the web designers in Bend, OR) are creative to their bones. They pull inspiration from everywhere and help craft the brand experience. They can take your vision and bring it to life—one expertly placed design element at a time.   


Meet the Savy web designers 

Now that you have a reasonable idea of what to look for in a good web designer and good design, it’s time to meet the best web designers in Bend, OR (a.k.a the Savy team).

Luisa Benevento 

Luisa has been with Savy since the start and is the agency’s Design Director. She has decades of experience with an international design portfolio and a knack for getting to the heart of each brand’s development goals. Following her studies at the Federal University of Marketing and Advertising in Rio de Janeiro, she’s honed her branding, print and digital advertising, and design skills. Luisa implements cutting-edge design tools and leverages her vast expertise to bring clients’ concepts to life. 


Kalea Aguon 

As the Senior Designer at Savy, Kalea is adept at bringing client’s visions to life. Her studio production and digital media background helps her stay at the forefront of design and digital trends. Her professional work in photo retouching and graphic design has led her to national conferences where she attends seminars and coursework for the latest technology and trends in the industry. She uses her extensive design knowledge and passion for travel to enhance her creative process for each client. 


Audrey Kramm 

As a Savy Designer, Audrey embodies problem-solving, efficiency, and teamwork to bring a vision to life. Her experience freelancing and collaborating with clients coast to coast strengthened her love for organization, illustration, and branding. As a “Jill of all trades,” Audrey takes on new challenges with vigor and creativity. Audrey continues to apply her background in media and digital art to the latest in design tools and trends. 


Case studies 

Since 2007, we’ve worked with some of the most incredible brands in the business. They’ve been disruptive, interactive, and dynamic. Most of all, each team we’ve worked with has had a genuine passion for their brands, and it’s been an honor to be part of their stories. These five case studies showcase why we think we have the best web designers in Bend, OR



Real estate brands are notoriously one-note. Resident came to Savy looking to do something different. Our web designers put together a sleek, modern website with improved functionality. The comprehensive site uses white space and stunning imagery, is easy to navigate, and includes functional explore features for buyers and sellers. 


Crater Lake Spirits

Crater Lake Spirits and their sister company, Bend Spirits, needed a refresh that matched their “spirit of adventure” mantra. Savy web designers brought this concept to life through striking local imagery, clean navigation, and robust recipe pages. We used white space and clean, minimalist design to allow the products to speak for themselves.  


Pahlisch Homes

Pahlisch Homes builds premium homes throughout Oregon and Washington. For their rebrand, they came to Savy to design and develop a site that reflected the company’s evolution and served as a hub for all things Pahlisch homes. Our designers worked with developers to create a responsive, lighting fast home search function for their modernized site. The addition of customized plat maps, stunning imagery, and strategic use of white space perfectly represents the brand’s legacy of intention.  


Northerly Farms

Savy web designers do much more than create stunning websites. Northerly Farms is the perfect example of our capabilities in product design, packaging, and logo design. The team promoted the future of farming using white space, custom graphics, a clean logo and packaging, and functional e-commerce. 


All Access

All Access, the leaders in event staging, came to Savy with a ground-up project. Our web designers took their outdated site and created a new site that’s modern, dynamic, and showcases the brand’s projects. The overall impact is easy-to-navigate, responsive, and visually stunning. 


Work with the best web designers in Bend, OR

Savy is lucky to have the best web designers in Bend, OR (heck, we think in the industry!). Our team stays in front of the latest trends, tools, and techniques for stunning designs that bring brands to life. If you’re ready to display your products or services in their best light, we can make that happen.