Savy’s integrated marketing team seemed complete. It was robust. It had over three decades of experience. And it was good at producing marketing results that kept its international client base successful. Also, it was always expanding. Yet, Savy’s clients were often in need of quality, custom photography that captured the essence of their brand and helped tell their story online. Photographs that were able to tell the story of where the products have been. They were also able to tell the story of why they’re worth their purchase.

We commonly referred out to regional photographers for custom photography. But, as an integrated marketing agency that helps businesses communicate clear and consistent messages across targeted channels, the brand would sometimes get “lost”. This was due to the outsourcing of the custom photography component. So around the same time, Savy was seeking a project manager. We sought someone who was savvy enough to balance multiple projects, demanding workloads and could keep deadlines on track and moving forward.

We met Devon Pfeiffer. Problem solved. Not only is Devon an excellent project manager with five years of large agency experience. But, she’s also a talented professional photographer with thirteen years experience working with leading Northwest photographers through her Bend studio. We’re now able to provide Savy’s clients a convenient and cost-effective in-house resource for all types of imagery, from architectural to retail, outdoor to office, modern headshots to team shots.
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