At Savy, we’re not just about isolated digital marketing tactics. We call ourselves a full-service digital marketing agency because we marry strategy with creativity. Our team takes an innovative approach to your branding needs, whether we’re creating a fresh logo, a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website, or helping you launch a paid Google Ad campaign. Full-service digital marketing means you get an intelligible strategy that is specific, measurable, and aimed toward your most important goals. Not to mention…We love working with people! 

Marketing Strategy That Delivers 

We’ve got a corner on creative expertise. From design to coding, copywriting and advertising, we work as one team to deliver an exceptionally seamless solution to your marketing needs. The beauty of Savy is that it’s a one-stop shop. You don’t need to piecemeal your strategy, using one expert for PPC campaigns and another to help create a logo. Especially when it comes to meeting project deadlines, keeping things central and organized with your branding will save plenty of time. Lean on our project management expertise! We’ve done this a time or two, and we’ll ensure all important deadlines are met.  

Design Choices That Inspire and Excite

This is usually everyone’s favorite part and where your brand can shine the brightest. If you’ve had the satisfaction of picking the perfect typeface for a logo or pushing the refresh button on an exciting new look for product packaging, then you know it’s a thrill! Compelling imagery is a huge part of marketing these days (that whole “show not tell” thing). And the devil’s in the details with design. We make it as simple as possible for you to pick imagery and layout without needing to get a degree on the color wheel or poke your way through InDesign. Once you’ve made your design decision, our dev experts layer their user experience magic throughout your website to make it simple, beautiful, and efficient for your most important audiences. 

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency With Development Chops 

Whether you’re a startup looking for a new website or have an app development idea on the agenda, we can help you sort out the next steps for your business. Did you know that a full-service digital marketing agency also includes doing market research? Let us take a deep dive into the psychographics behind your target audience, help you size up competitors in the space, and learn how to pivot your approach to really stand out. 

We aren’t just website designers but business analysts who help you move the needle in the markets you want to capture. When it’s time to go live with your beautiful new site, we can support you with ongoing maintenance to make content and software updates, considering mobile development fixes or ongoing improvements that address accessibility and compliance issues.

And a Marketing Agency That’s Harnessing AI? No Way

You heard it here first. We aren’t letting AI get ahead of the game. That’s why we’re working with it. How? Using tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly and experimenting with Google’s Bard and other forms of virtual assistance. One of the unique facets of our digital marketing agency is our proactive stance toward technology. We aren’t afraid of it, but we aren’t treating it like the holy grail of every problem. Technology to us primarily means this: time savings. 

It also means we can outline and research more comprehensively, but a caveat is that we aren’t treating AI like an executive assistant or a magic pill. AI is new on the scene, and with all early-stage technologies, it’s prone to error. We keep things in check by knowing our true power as creatives: having full ownership of the brands we represent. While AI can help us generate drafts or outline ideas, it can’t understand a brand’s nuances, emotional impacts, or sensitive contexts like we do. That’s why you get the best of both with Savy—advanced technology with real humans still at the helm. 

We’re in It For the People, Too!

Lastly, part of the holistic strategy at Savy is understanding people. Knowing what our clients need when they need it is the mark of an exceptional marketing agency, and we do this by fostering great client relationships. The beauty of working at a full-service marketing agency is seeing others deliver their creative visions to the world. We love this about our jobs.

Here’s what one of our recent clients had to say about launching a brand-new restaurant and website that relied on the aesthetic to carry the chef and business owner’s vision over the finish line: 

The Savy team is fantastic! We came with our abstract ideas, and they translated them into a beautiful reality for our business. The team designed our business logo, and we absolutely love it—it perfectly represents our brand. The team also helped with our brand voice, business cards, landing page, and menu design. Everyone on the team is professional, responsive, organized, creative, and genuinely nice & helpful. We look forward to continue working with the team as our business grows! —Irene Becklund

Savy: The Ultimate Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency Partner

We don’t just write copy; we craft stories that resonate. We don’t just create ads; we engineer campaigns that convert. We’re the whole package: strategists who turn clicks into conversions and creatives who keep things fresh and punchy for our brands.

Need marketing solutions that align with your business goals? We’ve got you. Whether it’s design that amplifies your brand’s values, paid social media marketing campaigns, development help for your site, or just someone to talk through your ideas with, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency here to help! Start the conversation with us, or browse our recent work examples here.