Publishing regular blog content can be hard. And we’re not talking regular in the sense of boring and generic. We’re talking frequency. You get caught up doing the business of business and it falls by the wayside. Some people don’t think they are good enough writers and others just don’t want to do it. But once you see the benefits of posting regular blog content, you’ll be singing a different tune.

Regular Blog Content Drives Traffic to Your Website

Everyone wants to be found online. It’s essential to your business in the age of the consumer to capture search queries and convert them into customers. How does writing a blog every other week turn searchers into customers? Regular blog content adds pages to your site, which are then indexed by search engines, giving you more chances to be found online and more opportunities to rank for different keywords.

How many pages do you have on your site? Maybe a handful or two. How often do you update those pages? And honestly, how often do they need to be updated? Not often on both accounts. Publishing regular blog content gives you more chances to come up in organic search queries. The more pages you have indexed by search engines, the more opportunities you have. You’re basically telling Google and other search engines, “Hey! We’ve got fresh content and things going on over here! We’re an active website and people should come visit!”

Posting your regular blog content to social media helps drive traffic as well. When you create content that’s relevant to your fan base they’ll share it, and that exposes your business to a new audience and new potential customers. Sharing your regular blog content on social networks directs traffic to your website in a different way than organic search traffic. You’re strengthening your social outreach as well as your website traffic. Sounds pretty great, right?

Target New Keywords with Regular Blog Content

Have you ever been searching for something on Google and a bunch of blogs come up in the search results? We’ve all been there and it’s for a good reason. Regular blog content allows a company to target a variety of keywords. When you only have so many static pages on your website, it makes targeting a wide array of keywords difficult. Regular blog content allows you to write posts that specifically target keywords that you may not have ranked on before, or ones you’d like to rank higher for.

Hire an Agency with a Copywriter

Don’t know how to get started? Running low on ideas? Don’t consider yourself a good writer? These are a number of the reasons why people start blogging. And even more reasons why they don’t continue. Blogging takes time, and seeing your blogs in search results can take even more time, and writing an SEO-rich blog that draws traffic to your site probably isn’t high on your priority list when you’re running a business. Don’t worry, there’s a great solution that allows you to take care of what you know best and still generates regular blog content that draws in searchers and search engines. Hire an agency with a copywriter!

At Savy, we blog on a variety of topics for our clients. With backgrounds in journalism and marketing for the web, our amazing copywriters conduct research and get to know our clients’ industries. With a broad range of clients, we’ve learned a lot through our content marketing and blogging efforts and our thirst for knowledge continues to grow.

We’d love to talk to you about creating regular blog content for your website and integrating with social media. Once you start seeing the results, you’ll know you made the right choice. Blog well and prosper.