Integrated approach to

search engine optimization

Our SEO team takes an integrated approach to search engine optimization so you can get where you need to be online. As search engine results evolve, so should your SEO. This is especially important as new trends like voice search rise. We see search engine optimization through the lens of the audience: what they’re searching for, where they’re at in the buying process, and what technology they’re employing, so you can meet them where they are.

search engine optimization and SEO

local and organic SEO

We develop your landing pages for SEO and craft them to walk users through your website effortlessly. At Savy, all content is written in the appropriate voice to speak to both the search engines and the people who find you. We layer on paid search to give you a boost when and where you need one, ensuring that your local and organic search engine optimization send the right web users to you.

Local search

Our SEO teams help search engines and potential customers find your business. We create, brand, and maintain your business listings. From there, our team provides easy-to-read reporting to show what’s working and where to optimize your strategy. We show you how you’re doing and present the updates you need to stay in-the-know.

How it works

Our team starts with a detailed keyword analysis to make sure your perfect audience finds you. From there, we develop content enriched with technical elements including Google Analytics, Data Studio live reporting, and paid search. Our Bend, OR SEO and Santa Barbara, CA SEO teams take methodical, technical approaches to your brand’s SEO so you don’t have to. Whether you want a new perspective or you’re too busy dominating your business world to handle your SEO alone, Savy is here to help.

TOP 3%.

of Google Partners worldwide

Savy Agency is a Google Ads and Google Analytics certified agency in the top 3% of all Google Partners worldwide. With our Google-certified support services, we ensure your website design and campaigns are optimized and tracked with the most advanced tools available.


BTL Liners – A compelling online presence with Savy’s help.

The Savy design team came together to compose a new logo, one that felt strong but traditional and market-friendly. We also redesigned the website to be more responsive, user-friendly, and shopper-friendly. The result was an interactive representation of BTL Liners on all devices. Finally, we modernized their marketing strategy to include email templates, campaign analytics, blogging, social media, and consistent branding. Now BTL Liners is proud to have a compelling presence online with Savy’s help.