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As a Santa Barbara digital agency, we specialize in Santa Barbara web design and helping California brands come to life. A well-crafted web presence makes all the difference to customer experience online. With life-long roots in Santa Barbara, we understand how to reach Santa Barbara and Los Angeles area audiences.

See success in your Santa Barbara web design project


Web design extends brands, connects customers, and impacts bottom lines. Your web design is the interface of your company and often the starting point of your customers’ experience. From messaging that engages to experiences that convert, your web design will help you get started, or get better, online.
Our Santa Barbara web design team works from your customer’s starting point to a sitemap and framework that’s easy to use and drives results. We design and develop primarily on WordPress and Shopify to provide measurable value to you and your brand.

Web design that integrates with your brand


Brands need to connect with customers. And the most effective way to do that is through their web presence. We will create messaging to engage your customer organically and content that keeps them engaged afterward. People need to connect with your brand, and we can help.

Every Santa Barbara web design project includes custom design and development, search engine optimization, analytics, a content management system, tools that integrate seamlessly with your brand.

How’s your brand experience?

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As a Santa Barbara design and digital marketing agency, Savy has been working with large and small brands, from startups to established brands, since 2007. We get you. Let us help the way users interact with your brand; whether we start from a new idea or enhance an existing one.