Bre Taulbee, Director of Content

Brenda Taulbee

Director of Content

A self-proclaimed “word nerd,” Brenda believes in the power of language to shape reality, build connections, and tell diverse stories. She views each writing assignment as a puzzle with an infinite combination of moving pieces. Between her formal training and a lifelong love of storytelling, she is fascinated by the ways that tone, narrative, and information work together to bring stories to life. As Director of Content for Savy, she strives to capture the unique voice and character of each client and brand.

Brenda studied her way from north to southwest, obtaining a Bachelor’s in Linguistics from the University of Montana and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from San Diego State University. During her time in San Diego, Brenda’s passion for digital advancement led to her work with SDSU’s Digital Humanities Center, a program committed to studying the impact and implications of living and working in the digital age. She is particularly interested in the ways that technology shapes the stories we tell, and how they are told.