Bre Taulbee, Director of Content

Brenda Taulbee

Director of Content

A self-proclaimed “word nerd,” Brenda believes in the power of language to shape reality, build connections, and tell diverse stories. She views each project as a puzzle with an infinite combination of moving pieces. As a poet, former teacher, and now, Savy’s Director of Content, she’s obsessed with the tiny precisions that bring our unique experiences to life. Whether she’s scouring the thesaurus for the perfect word, editing her team’s writing so their ideas can shine, or architecting the strategy for an effective brand launch, she’s dedicated to capturing each client’s unique voice and character.

With a Bachelor’s in Linguistics, MFA in Creative Writing, and certificate in Brand Management, Brenda is a (also self-proclaimed) triple threat in the marketing world. She’s particularly fascinated by the intersections of culture, identity, and communication. She leverages this learning, along with almost a decade of hands-on marketing experience, to help brands tell their story. Her secret weapon is Savy’s Editor-in-Chief, Murphy’s Law—a feisty tabby with no tolerance for comma splices.