Dalton Charest

Digital Content Writer

Born and raised in the sovereign granite hills of small-town New Hampshire, Dalton left the ‘Live Free or Die’ state in pursuit of finding the next great story. After recently crash-landing in Bend, Oregon, he joined Savy Agency as a Digital Content Writer in hopes of helping clients tell their own great story. His diverse background as a writer and trained journalist has allowed him to develop a knack for digital media and the power it has to communicate with the world around us.

After working on the marketing side of student travel promoting brands like Putney Student Travel, National Geographic Student Expeditions, and New York Times Student Journeys, Dalton continued to freelance for both local and national publications. Whether writing for Bend Magazine or Live For Live Music, his stories have typically focused on human-powered sport, travel, art, and more.

Dalton’s innate ability to tell a story and engage with audiences while optimizing client’s brands is what constantly reminds him of the immense power written word holds in the digital world. Finding a home at Savy not only offers Dalton an opportunity to channel this power towards giving brands their own unique voice, but it also offers an opportunity to make a difference where it counts.