Helping your marketing stay “up with the times” is our M.O. Building your next high-performance website with a sleek user design and brand identity is how we do it. E-commerce is a powerful online tool to showcase your best products and services. Savy is an experienced team of content writers, website designers, and UX ninjas here to help you hit the launch button on your biggest e-commerce website development goals.  

Discovery: The First Step in E-Commerce Website Development 

From start to finish, building an e-commerce website is a big undertaking. That’s why we take ample time in the research phase before we begin production. Our first goal with e-commerce website development is understanding your market and target audience. We want to know your goals for the site, your brand’s particulars, and the features and functionality you want. An interview helps us determine what works best for you, followed by industry research to back our decisions with data. Next, we map it out with a sitemap to show you how every page will function.

Sitemap Creation: Mapping Out a Strategy 

A website with all the bells and whistles has an informed strategy behind it. A fully responsive, cross-browser-compatible, SEO-optimized e-commerce website doesn’t happen by accident! That’s why we formulate a strategy for your website, including wireframing, keyword research, and linking structure, so you can see how everything functions together. 

Design and usability are important aspects guiding this process. We aim to achieve an enjoyable user experience with seamless website navigation, high-conversion landing pages, and an intuitive e-commerce platform for customers to easily obtain your brand’s products and services.

Design: Achieving a Modern and Sophisticated Look 

Design can mean many things, but for us, it covers the process of developing a company logo, color scheme, graphics, imagery, and collateral that creates your website’s new look and feel. 

Savy helps clients source and design compelling imagery for informational and conversion purposes. This helps create a strong first impression for your audiences and enhances the visual appeal of the website and product pages. 

Design is part of a brand’s personality and uniqueness. Savy embraces developing trends by including animated graphics on websites to encourage engagement. In addition, visually representing data and concepts makes information digestible and easy to understand.

Winning Collaboration: Always Improving With Revisions

Any website-building process is a collaborative relationship between your team and ours. Learning as we go helps us dial in exactly what our clients need through revision rounds and close communication. Sometimes, we hit the nail on the head the first time, but it’s normal to expect a process of revisions before we get the website perfect for you! 

Whether that’s with content, design aspects, or e-commerce capabilities, we work hard to listen to your needs and deliver on what we’ve outlined for the project in a timely and professional manner. 

Enriched Shopping Experiences for Your Audiences Through E-Commerce Website Development

Now, we get to the heart of e-commerce website development: the supportive platform that does it all for your products. Capturing leads through high-conversion landing pages, reducing abandoned carts, and tracking revenue per visitor remains our top priority. Your e-commerce platform should empower you to view total revenue, lead generation from submissions, cart conversions, cart abandons, and more. These metrics help you visualize and understand how to improve your site for your best customers and ultimately encourage more sales. 

Dev Testing for Quality Control, UX, and ADA Accessibility

Last but not least is e-commerce website development testing. Through Savy’s collaborative design process, you will get UX design elements, strategic call-to-actions, and brand messaging placed on the staging version of your website. But this all needs testing before it’s ready to fly! 

And that’s where development testing comes in. To enhance user-friendliness and accessibility, Savy’s development experts implement specific tools and platforms to integrate needed features into your website experience. That looks like plugins that advance your website’s ADA accessibility, SEO-monitoring tools, and other important security features that keep your website up to date.

Get E-Commerce Website Development Off Your Plate This Year

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get going on your e-commerce goals, this is it! Our team is stoked about watching your online sales take off. Now is the time to invest in e-commerce as it becomes an ever-more popular online sales and marketing channel. Savy’s holistic e-commerce website development solutions focus on engaging with your brand uniquely. Reach out to talk to our team and get your engines started