User experience is where it’s at. User intent with a search query is Google’s top priority as a search engine, and user interactions across websites are a significant ranking factor for SEO. Many factors determine search ranking. These include web traffic, how long a user is interacting with a site, and what types of interactions are happening. An example would be, are they clicking a button and leaving? Are they lingering on a page for a full 5 minutes? And more importantly, do you know why? Check out why your brand needs a UX writer and ux copy this year.

As a brand, you not only need an offering that fulfills user intent, but you also should keep the user around for a while for your site to be successful. So how do that and keep your users engaged longer? How do you get them to interact with features that lead to a conversion or goal completion? The answer is simple: through crafted user experience (UX) design with copy that’s been written for each user. Here’s why your brand could use a UX writer this year.

What is a UX writer?

We can argue that anything written for the web is already intended for user experience. When a writer works with a design team to create elemental copy, such as buttons, cornerstone content, messages, and call-to-actions, they become a UX writer. They guide with their words while designers guide with their designs. For this reason, having a team of UX writers and designers where everyone can work in conjunction to create user-friendly, on-brand experiences that keep the user around longer is essential.

While some will argue that marketing writers differ from UX writers, they have the same goal: a positive experience. We’re past the days of bad pop-ups and user trickery and have moved into a space where authenticity and transparency matter most—which are factored into UX writing. UX writing has even been called verbal design, which makes a lot of sense. In design, we tell stories through words, and words in design become a way to interact with a user.

In addition to other tasks, UX writers fill the role of researcher and strategist. They learn how an audience operates and use that data to inform their work. Sometimes this means stalking the competition; other times it involves analyzing the data; but ultimately, it means deciphering how users interact with content.

Why Your Brand Needs a UX Writer

A UX writer, like all writers, uses language, grammar, voice, and demo- and psychographic data. Let’s take an example category to see why. The UX strategy for a medical brand will, reasonably, be different from that of a hemp brand. Web copy that takes the user into account is more important than ever and is attainable with the help of a UX writer.

Savy and UX Copy

Savy has several copywriters in-house, with the bench growing deeper all the time. While we provide content management services for our clients, we work closely with our designers to design websites for user experience. Drop us a line if you need help telling your brand’s story. We love our work, and it shows.