As experts in web design in Bend, Santa Barbara and beyond, we know that many businesses today need websites that are both functional and fun to stand apart from the crowd. After all, there are billions of websites up, and most of them look eerily similar: muted colors, long blocks of text, and stock photos abound. So, in a sea of mediocre, how can your brand’s website shine? Here are a few of the top web design trends that get brands noticed in 2018.


According to Time, the average American usually loses concentration after about eight seconds. So what can you do in that short amount of time to refocus your audience? That’s where animation comes in. Animated graphics can help make your site pop. It’s a particularly useful tool for highlighting a specific action you want users to take on your page, or for showcasing a favorite pull quote. The right animation can make your site go from static to dynamic, adding personality and excitement to your user’s experience.

Page Section Transitions

Another way to make your site more dynamic is by adding page transitions. Moving from one section of a page to another on the same site shouldn’t feel mundane. Transitions within a page can keep the brand experience cohesive and fun for users. Transitions allow users to access another view, as adding a fresh perspective for users whose attention might be waning.

Adding page transitions is also a great way to incorporate more content into a page without overwhelming your audience with giant blocks of text so you can hit the word count needed for SEO. An added transition effect keeps your user’s focus changing, resulting in a more engaging site—and a more zeroed-in audience.

Mobile Optimization

In 2017, mobile web browsing finally overtook desktop and laptop browsing as the most popular way to use the internet. Web designs should be more focused on mobile browser appearance than ever before. But web designers and developers should go a step further than merely emphasizing mobile functionality. At Savy, our team is always developing clever ways to organize sites with memorable mobile experiences and sophisticated, intuitive designs.

Vibrant Colors and Bold Typefaces

Many brands stick to colors they know are safe: grey, black, white, and muted blues. But more designers today are experimenting with bold, supersaturated shades across their sites for an extra kick of color. Likewise, large, bold, and unexpected typefaces are also on the rise.
Since today’s monitors and screens have higher resolutions than ever before, our devices are well-suited to displaying rich, vivid colors and unexpected fonts. Vibrant colors and bold typefaces are a good way to attract attention and set yourself apart from outdated designs right off the bat.

Web Design in Bend, Santa Barbara and Beyond

There’s a lot to consider when revamping your website—but you don’t have to do all the heavy-lifting yourself. At Savy Agency, we pride ourselves on keeping up with trends for web design in Bend and Santa Barbara so you can stay focused on the parts of your business you love most.
Curious to see what trends we’ve been incorporating? Take a look at our case studies and check back regularly to see the rollout of Savy’s new colors and site design! Still searching for inspiration? Give us a call—we’ve got a few more ideas we’ll be happy to share.