Josie’s Best Gluten Free Mixes

Be happy. Be kind.
Eat waffles.

Josie’s Best is a Central Oregon-based gluten-free baking mix company. Josie and her family started the company after food allergies kept her from enjoying the foods she loved most. Now, their “top 8 allergen-free” mixes are on a mission to bring breakfast back for everyone. Josie came to Savy needing an updated site that supported the company’s growth and demonstrated their brand’s playfulness..

Brand Voice

Before setting to work on Josie’s updated website, our team began the brand voice process to establish differentiators, core values, and voice pillars. This internal document is a guideline for web and social content, marketing, and internal communications. During this process, we identified core values of quality, trust, service, and convenience. With an approachable, knowledgeable, and fun voice, we knew communicating the brand’s better-for-you ingredients and family operation would be imperative.


The Savy team worked closely with Josie to create a dynamic website that could scale with Josie’s company and provide a seamless checkout experience for customers. Since Josie’s Best already had an established logo, our design team created other graphics to add throughout the site. 

The biggest challenge was communicating the energetic, playful brand identity throughout each element of the e-commerce site while also educating customers (as peers) about the ingredients that make Josie’s Best top 8 allergen-free. Because Josie primarily sells products via the website, she needed a seamless e-commerce platform that allowed new products, sales, and updates to be added easily. In addition, Josie was starting a new subscription club program that needed to be reactive and customized. 

Our design and development teams worked together to create a modern, playful, user-friendly e-commerce site that makes it easy for customers to learn about and purchase products.

On-Site SEO & Copywriting

Our content team worked closely with Josie to communicate the brand’s core values, story, and ingredient differentiators that make these mixes accessible to families with food allergies. The resulting site is dynamic, playful, and user-friendly. It communicates Joise’s Best’s story, brings together playful elements that make the brand fun and approachable, and clearly defines the available products. Overall, the Josie’s Best site is a true reflection of “Be happy, Be kind. Eat waffles.”