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Where beauty meets creativity.

A destination center.

Oregon is becoming more and more known as a destination, where majestic beauty meets creativity. People come and live in Bend, Oregon, for an element of freedom and as a celebration of what the region has to offer. This sort of X factor captivates imaginations, whether it’s that of a New York Times writer or the millions who say they plan on visiting this year. Because it’s difficult to comprehend great beer, wine, food, art, epic recreation, gorgeous nature and friendly and civic minded people merging in a single place. People come here not to get away, but to bring something back with them.


Our key objective was to develop a brand platform that could evolve over the years, while still remaining flexible, that would position Cascade Village away from a community shopping center to more of a destination center. The idea had to be broad enough to encompass the diverse set of experiences one could have at Cascade Village with the ability to expand the marketing mix to include the 20 to 40 young women and the working mom and families visiting the area, including travelers from Canada – which continues to be Oregon’s number one international market – and China, Oregon’s fastest growing international market.


To help inform some of the design decisions, we conducted an audit of the brand and its long-term goals and strategic plans. The audit consisted of interviews with key stakeholders, customers, business owners, locals, and community representatives.


After rounds of concepts and explorations we created a design system that reinforced the idea of family. The design language we established allows for continuous flexibility and growth throughout the years. Its simplicity gives it the ability to speak to a diverse group including our younger segment of people and invites them to create their own relationship with the brand mark. The final brand included a responsive website, blog with community features and promotions for retailers, radio spots, video, billboard design, print ads, directory and wayfinding signage, brochures and commercial photography.


Market research and key findings:

Through primary and secondary market research our team identified the essential features considered by shoppers when selecting a shopping center. Our research also revealed that trends continue towards centers that include an atmosphere of discovery, novelty and excitement, as well as a wider range of stores and more flexible shopping hours.

One-stop shopping


Promotional events


Pricing strategies among retailers


Product range


Consumer Traffic




Types and designs of shops


A reason to visit

and to come back.

The overall suggestion by our team was to establish Cascade Village as a fun and diverse outdoor destination for Bend and its visitors through ambiance and assortment that provides an enhanced shopping experience and a reason to visit – and to come back.


There four very human reasons people
are drawn to video:

#1: As humans we pay attention to faces and use it as a gathering point for information.

#2: Voice conveys rich information.

#3: Emotions are contagious.

#4: Movement grabs attention.

So how can we leverage human connection? Through video.

We filmed some great videos for Cascade Village to convey both the beauty of the area and some of the things to do while you’re in Bend.


The Savy Agency team did an amazing job with Cascade Village Shopping Center's new branding and website design. Very professional and responsive to our needs in the direction of where we needed to go for customer reach and leasing means. Did an amazing job with explaining all avenues for the success of the shopping center. Looking forward to working with them down the road on new projects!

Sharon Austin - Cascade Village Shopping Center