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The Challenge

Central Oregon Radiology (CORA) felt that their logos of 16 years were outdated and that their brand didn’t accurately reflect their Central Oregon location or their emphasis on innovation. CORA’s goal was to successfully position themselves to communicate who they are as a company today.

The Package

Rebranding | New logo | Copy and design for magazine advertisements in Bend Magazine Healthworx and Sunriver Magazine | Brand collateral - flags, hats, tumblers, and blankets | Signage | Canopy design

The Result

After discussing brand concepts with the client, Savy’s design team implemented symbology for their ideal client demographic to bring out the voice of the brand with warm, Central Oregon-centric color schemes and shapes. Our team provided 5 different concepts with various applications and color schemes and typography to create a fresh new look.

Logo system.

A new logo system, eye-catching and informative ads, and thoughtful brand collateral helped to round out CORA’s rebranding and increase presence for the company. By integrating subtle themes of energy, light, and healing, we successfully primed attention for CORA’s new location opening at the end of summer.



Integral to the rebranding process was the design of brand collateral pieces, magazine ads, canopy, flags, and company signage.



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