How do we

rethink habits?

The need

Deschutes County was looking for a way to raise awareness in the community by actively engaging people to participate in a fresh, creative campaign.

The goal

To better engage the community to participate in recycling, reducing waste and composting materials where possible through a fresh and creative campaign.

The solution

We helped Deschutes County roll out ways the community could take steps towards the same goal: reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink.

An integrated campaign.

They wanted to give community members a reason to come back to the campaign website and create the feel of being part of an ongoing conversation.

The messaging surrounded the idea was that it’s never being easier to reduce waste in Deschutes County. From learning easy ways to reduce at home like composting, choosing nontoxic alternatives and buying local, there are many new services that can help.

Set the tone.

Answer the questions. Support the cause.

An important part of the campaign was interactive, choose, click and learn quizzes.

Web design.

To bring Rethink Waste to life and provide a unique landing page for the campaign, we created a responsive, interactive website and blog. The open CMS we used helped the Rethink Waste team steadily increase traffic month-by-month and a wide community segment used the website to answer quiz questions for rewards.

Email marketing.

Email marketing is alive and well, and with Deschutes County opting to use SavyConnect for their email marketing endeavors, they have been able to track email with ease. We designed a special template for Deschutes County email marketing campaigns that integrates cohesively with their brand. It’s easy to engage, ask questions, share and drive more visits to their website.

Rethink waste guide.

We designed a 24-page guide for Deschutes County with the participation of locals, who showed their support by joining the thumbs up campaign and helping to engage the community. A fresh, fun approach to recycling, reusing and reducing waste in Deschutes County.

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