Mission 22.

United We Heal.


Internal brand voice guidelines

Newsletter redesign

Social media branding & ongoing services

The challenge.

Mission 22 (M22) is a national nonprofit that promotes long-term Veteran healing and wellness through outreach, events, and programs. The M22 team came to Savy for help with their social media content and imagery. 

Mission 22 came to us while in the process of redefining their brand voice and style. They wanted Savy to reflect these changes across their accounts and improve the engagement rates per post for their 40.6K+ social media followers. The biggest challenge was making sure their social accounts reflected a lighter, more positive take on the heavy subject matter (Veteran suicide) without alienating their existing audience. Because M22 works with Veterans, there were additional challenges with verbiage and imagery guidelines.

The results.

The Savy team worked closely with the M22 team to first identify their brand voice in order to correctly communicate it via social media. This internal brand voice document serves as a guideline for social posts and all future brand communications. 

The result is an updated social media presence that better reflects M22’s values, programs, and goals. It also better communicates the organization’s mission in a lighter, more positive way to reach more Veterans, families, and community members. Social post content includes program highlights, outreach events, important military/national dates, and Ambassador highlights. In addition, Savy works with the M22 team to coordinate the launch of their fundraising challenges, weekly #REDFriday content, documentary promotion, and brand partnerships. 

Overall, M22’s social media is more vibrant, on-brand, and both educates and entertains their audience.