For the grainer good.


Brand Name and Positioning

Brand Strategy

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Website Design

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Brand Collateral and Packaging

Social Media Branding and Optimization

Email Marketing Design and Development

The challenge.

This family-owned Saskatchewan farm needed an updated brand name and position to reflect their technologically-advanced, modern agriculture practice. We started by finding a name to build the brand identity around. Northerly captured the clean sophistication we wanted to represent with this brand voice. Because sustainable farming is a relatively new concept for many, the Savy team developed a brand strategy to differentiate Northerly from both organic farming and traditional farming. Because Northerly is a direct-to-consumer farm, it was important for their site to be optimized, accessible, and well-organized. They also needed to emphasize their community values and the importance of their buy-in-bulk give back program.

The results.

The Savy team built a brand focused on clean designs with a conversational brand voice. Each element of design—whether its packaging and collateral or social media and email campaigns—emphasizes Northerly’s mission to feed the world through sustainable, smart farming. The new logo visually differentiates Northerly from the family farm. In addition to being fully compliant with federal safety regulations, all of their product packaging is bio-based and fully compostable, supporting their eco-friendly position.

Northerly’s brand name, positioning, and strategy are designed to promote the future of farming, while maintaining an emotional connection with their clientele. Their site provides insight into the realities of modern farming, giving the brand an unprecedented level of transparency. Everything—from SEO copy to biodegradable packaging—cohesively supports this vision.