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Northland Furniture is a hospitality, senior living and educational furniture manufacturer operating nationally for over 40 years. With customers including Marriott, Wyndham, Hampton Inn, Best Western, Shilo, Hilton and BHG as well as many independent properties and national park facilities, Northland Furniture has long been known for providing custom furniture designed, built and shipped from its 42,000 square foot facility in the heart of Central Oregon. Northland came to Savy for help in repositioning their brand and digital presence for a new era of furniture design.

Brainstorming and discovery.

After a leadership team brainstorming and a thorough discovery process, including assessing Northland’s product, process, and market capability, our teams went to work on designing and developing a new identity system for Northland that positioned them for new growth and innovation, while retaining the brand’s original heritage.


We look at capabilities organized by product capability, process capability, and market capability. In order to change position in a network, a change in all position measurements, including role, relationships and capabilities, have to take place.

Brand overhaul.

The final work included an overhaul to the brand architecture, including a modification to the brand name, a redesigned logo, a custom, responsive website, email marketing and booth design, and all new print and digital collateral, including product catalogs and other brand assets.

Paid search.

Savy’s Google-Certified Adwords team rebuilt Northland’s AdWords campaigns by revising the paid strategy and splitting them into demographic-specific search and display campaigns with adgroups and ad content designed specifically around Northland’s core capabilities. The campaigns saw above-standard CTR, CTC and ad positioning, which Northland used to support its traffic on the organic side.



Through the expertise of the team, Savy generated positive results following the rollout of the new Northland brand:

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We are so pleased with the new Norhtland brand. Our customers love using the new site, our tradeshow booth was well received at this year's top shows and the print collateral including the business cards and collection catalogs are beautifully designed. Well done and thank you for such fantastic work!

Michelle Fish - Northland



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