Sunriver Real Estate

After being approached by Village Properties to redesign the logo, website and manage the paid digital campaigns, such as social media and Adwords, our teams went to work understanding the competitive landscape. We found what while many have the MLS down, many fail to deliver a strong sense of brand. While the landscape was good a populating information, it was missing an overall experience. Since Village Properties in Sunriver is positioned in the heart of a tourist destination and outdoor hub, we had the perfect ingredients to build a brand that captured the area that surrounded it.

Logo design.

Savy first worked to redesign the Village Properties logo, while keeping in consideration preferences in tone, iconography and style. Along with the logo, Savy worked to implement the revised brand across all print and digital communications.

Web design

and development.

Our process at Savy always begins with the foundation of the brand. We look for ways we can differentiate and apply that differentiation across channels. The challenge with real estate sales and rentals is that there’s a lot of information to convey. To address this and ensure the experience remained a good one for the user, our team focused the overall strategy on breaking the content down into more relevant sections, all while retaining the brand experience. We did have to work within existing third party data, however the revised brand experience for the user as well as the client was greatly improved.

Brand collateral.

The team incorporated the revised brand into all on and offline channels, such as outdoor signage, stationary materials and brochures, business cards, as well as the digital touchpoints, such as the email marketing platform and social media profiles. The paid platforms, such as the Adwords accounts, were moved into our Partner management account, where they were rebuilt in accordance with the website’s new content and experience. Savy’s content team writes for Village Properties on a weekly basis, where we utilize insight from the campaigns to track user behavior and interests at each step in the journey.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We are so happy at Village Properties for all of our work together - the logo, the new website and to be live and up and running. We look forward to our continued work together.

Mark Halvorsen - Village Properties



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