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The Challenge.

KDE Direct knew that their products had an amazing reputation for reliability and innovation, but they felt that their current website did not accurately reflect this. Their team believed their website and brand to be outdated, which is a critical issue for a brand who sells cutting-edge technology. They wanted a mobile-friendly site that was clean, easy to navigate, and offered more information on their products and the industries they served. The KDE Direct team also wanted to appeal to a broader audience and range of industrial applications, but they weren’t sure how to best gain that new attention without confusing or alienating their long-time drone component buyers.

The Package.

Brand Positioning
Website Design and Updates
Email Marketing
Google Adwords
Print Ads
Social Media Management
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Instagram
– Google+
SEO Blogging and Content Creation
Product Catalog
Expo Banners
Press Releases

The Execution.

Savy Agency executed all-encompassing primary and secondary market research in the drone industry (KDE Direct’s current clients), the manufacturing industry (their target clients), and brushless motors (their best-selling products). Our brand positioning team unearthed extensive information about KDE Direct’s current brand and position in the market as well as opportunities to better position KDE Direct alongside both current and ideal clients. Our team integrated the most essential information into a brand positioning presentation, which was shared with the client.

Savy’s design team used this data to craft appropriate brand guidelines, typography, detailing colors, brand applications, and collateral that would best represent KDE Direct in their market. An eye-catching new logo helped to inspire the brand’s new collateral, including expo banners, postcards, products catalogs, and more.

Our design and development teams worked together to build a custom website that was intuitive, professional, and engaging with new product photography. Our copy team crafted detailed tech-heavy content in bite-sized, easy-to-understand sections so that engineers and hobbyists alike could find what they needed to inform their purchase decisions.

The Result.



SOCIAL | Total Page Likes: 4,000

SOCIAL | Post Activity: 28 likes


Total Page Likes - 4,573 | GROWTH: 0

Post Activity: 84 likes | GROWTH: 0

KDE Direct’s new website appealed to their team members thanks to its mobile responsiveness and ease of use. An informative new website, product photography and collateral, and extensive rebranding positioned KDE Direct as the expert in their field, increasing sales, awareness, and brand trust.


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