Savy’s social media guru Christina Brown presented to a group of over 30 real estate professionals on a number of topics, mostly related to social media marketing:

What do your goals included?

-Increased Brand Awareness
- Reputation Management
-Improved Search Engine Rankings
-Increased Relevant Visitor Traffic
-Improve Sales for a Product or Service

Who is your target audience?

-Who is most likely interested?
-Who are we communicating with and why
-What are people currently saying about this topic
-Which type of person is likely to purchase
-What tools or online services do my audience use
-What does my audience have in common with each other

Some strategies for connecting:

Strategy 1. Use multimedia – use videos and images to show that your brand is fun, you care about your team, and most importantly, that you care about your customers.
Strategy 2. Integrate offline and online advertising not only can integrating online and offline advertising help the conversion process, but it can help build your community and strengthen your brand.
Strategy 3. Message adaption tailoring communications for individual sites, ads, and platforms.
Strategy 4. Geo targeting (local search)
being visible to consumers looking for businesses in their area is extremely important. * Google places, local and real time search
Strategy 5. Contests and discounts

This and more was discussed in detail. Thank you Amerititle for allowing Savy to provide your “audience” this valuable information.

Savy is available for group presentations and corporate training.

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